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'Theatre of the Oppressed' (T.O) Workshop Report

Posted by Satendra Singh on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

            Breaking Patterns, Creating Change

First ‘  The first ever 'Theater of the Oppressed' (TO) workshop for medical students in India was held on 23-                  24 August 2011 at UCMS, Delhi. 

Organizers and Facilitators
Patron:          Prof OP Kalra, Principal, UCMS
Chief Guest: Prof NG Desai, Director IHBAS (Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences)
Facilitators: Dr Radha Ramaswamy (TO-trained from Mandala Center for Change, Seattle, USA & Founder Centre for Community Di...
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“Give me accessibility and I will give you productivity”

Posted by Abha Khetarpal on Sunday, August 21, 2011,


Abha Khetarpal gives a new slogan on Independence day:

Stairs without lifts, books without Braille prints, communication devoid of sign language…there still pervades a reign of inaccessibility. More than 50 million disabled people in our country till this date, live like slaves.. People with impairments still remain oppressed…Oppressed by negative social attitudes, oppressed by insensitivities, and oppressed by apathy and what not. Where is the freedom in actual sense of the term!


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The Importance of 4 "A's"

Posted by Abha Khetarpal on Thursday, August 11, 2011,

Whenever I talk about the acceptance of a disability, pain or any kind of loss, which I think is a pre-requisite in the process of adjustment to the changed situations or capabilities, people usually and immediately reply me back saying, “It is easy to talk about acceptance but it is difficult to put into practice.” I do very well understand them and their difficulties in coping up with their disabilities on one hand and their facing the reactions and attitudes of the society on the other...

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