I may not see as well as you do

And I may stumble a time or two

But I find delight in refrain

Feel sunshine, hear rain

As well, nay better, than you do.


I may not be formed in a way that you are used to

And my clumsiness may slow down our games too

But you should see what I do

With a paintbrush or two

I could teach you about beauty. And poetry too


 I may not be the brightest in my batch

And my speech may not be up to scratch

Though my thoughts are confined

I am loving and kind

My heart is open, generous and quite a catch.


Your words, I don’t hear them at all

And music can never hold me in thrall

But I can feel all you feel

And see all you reveal

I can’t hear; doesn’t mean I can’t sense it all.

By Dr Upreet Dhaliwal, Professor of Ophthalmology, UCMS & GTB Hospital, Delhi


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