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Disability Studies in Medical Education-IJUDH

Posted by Satendra Singh on Thursday, June 28, 2012,

A paper written by Abha Khetarpal and myself on “Disability Studies in Medical Education” has been published in International Journal of User-Driven Health Care. Read the paper here. Here’s the abstract:

Uncompassionate attitudes of doctors can have adverse impact on the already shattered emotional health of a person with disability. The medical conditions or disabilities are seen in isolation from their daily lives. The quality health care is thus compromised. Disability Studies can i...

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Welcome to Infinite Ability

Posted by Satendra Singh on Tuesday, June 14, 2011,

Living with a disability is not easy. Life does go on once you have sustained a disability, but in no way it stops the creativity inside to bloom to its full potential. The sharing of this experience is about inspiring and uniting each other. Infinite Ability is an attempt to provide an insight into the experience of living and coping with impairment. It is about exploring disability through creativity.

Infinite Ability is a special-interest-group within the Medical Humanities Group of UCMS ...

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