In my world, in my dictionary, there is no such word as impossible.  People so very often say that there are certain circumstances we cannot do anything about, and i would honestly like to challenge that statement.  No matter what the circumstances be, if we want to find a practical solution and we intend to, then the seeds of the solution can be found within the problematic situation itself.

There are, i feel two types of people in the world.  One who see problems, and the other type is the one who seeks and finds solutions. 

The medical profession today recognizes that the mind does influence the physical body.  Take a small example, for instance :  imagine a sour lime, straight out of the frig.  Feel it.  Then cut it in half and slowly bite hard into the juicy flesh, all in your imagination.  You will discover that the saliva in your mouth has increased. You have not actually bitten into any sour lime, but your mind responded to the thought of it and caused the saliva to increase.  Mind over matter is no longer just a careless phrase – it’s a reality, a truth that cannot be brushed aside.

Each time we breathe in, we breathe thousands of atoms which are then converted to the different cells of our different organs and bones. Each time we breathe out, we breathe out all the worn out cells of our body which are replaced.  Every five to six days we make a new stomach lining.  Every three months we make an entirely new skeletal system.

So if we get new organs and new bones and new skin, why do the old ailments persist?  It’s because we have firmly taken for granted that we are suffering from such and such ailments.  The moment our mind changes its commitment to that invalid belief, there begins a spontaneous change in our physical condition.

There is really and truly infinite ability at our disposal, there really is.  When we make an honest, sincere intention to embark upon a project that is clean, honest, positive, which benefits others as well as ourselves, then every force in the Universe comes to our aid and new avenues upon up to us.

 The inclusion of one and all in any worthy project, in any useful business, is necessary.  So necessary, in fact, that any project or business who with deliberate intent excludes people on the basis of anything except qualifications/experience, will find their projects and businesses dwindling after a while.  Inclusion of one and all in any type of development is a prerequisite for all of us, in every area of our lives.

-         By  Dr Kaity Cama

A healer since childhood, Dr Kaity Cama is all about helping people lead their best lives. A certified clinical hypnotherapist, Silva Mind Control Graduate and a Reiki Grandmaster amongst various qualifications that Dr Cama holds, she is most importantly someone who has dedicated her life path to helping people using the building block of the mind-body-spirit connection. 

Conducting workshops across India, some of which include : 'Manifesting Your Own Miracle', 'Handling Fear', 'Discovering and Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities', 'Self-Empowerment in Easy Techniques' and many more, over the last ten years -- Dr Cama has been able to help professionals, self-employed, students, creative artists find their own paradise by sharing her key learning’s in the format of easy to implement techniques. A positive guru and a believer of the abundance of the Universe, Dr Cama believes that anyone can manifest anything positive using focus of mind and the heart’s desire.