Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies is a new
peer-reviewed journal publishing cutting-edge research on the
processes, structures and consequences of the movement of people,
resources, and commodities. Intellectually rigorous, broadly ranging,
and conceptually innovative, the journal combines the empiricism of
traditional mobility history with more recent methodological
approaches from the social sciences and the humanities.

The journal's scholarly essays, book and exhibit reviews, artwork and
photography, and special features provide a rich variety of
perspectives that include analyses of the past and present experiences
of vehicle drivers, passengers, pedestrians, migrants, and refugees;
accounts of the arrival and transformation of mobility in different
nations and locales; and investigations of the kinetic processes of
global capital, technology, chemical and biological substances,
images, narratives, sounds, and ideas.

Convened around a broad conception of mobility, Transfers provides
an interdisciplinary platform to explore the ways in which experiences
of mobility have been enabled, shaped and mediated across time and
through technological advances.

Scholars from all disciplines whose work touches on mobility broadly
construed are encouraged to submit articles and book reviews.