International  Day  of  Persons  with  Disabilities  is  annually  observed  on  3rd Dec ,with  following  objectives:

1-To promote an awareness of disability issues.

2-The fundamental rights of persons with disabilities.

3-Integration  of  such  people  in  the  main  stream  of  society like  social, political, cultural  etc.

 As  able persons, we  must  support  the  voluntary  organisations who  are  doing  a  lot to  raise  awareness  on  this  theme  and  help disabled  persons in  decision  making  and  ensure  equal  opportunities in  the  field  of  education  and employment.

 A  compassionate  person  can  help    disabled  people with  a  gentle  touch, a  sweet smile  and a few  caring  words. It can do   wonders to them. Small  things  done with  great  love  are  more  effective than  big  things   done  with  indifference.

 Centers  like ' Infinite  Ability'  should  set  an  example  of  compassion  and  commitment   to  care  and  guide  the  disabled  persons  through  thoughtful  administration. From disability to  ‘Infinite Ability’, physical. psychological, emotional, social  and  spiritual healing  is  necessary. Let  us empower  and  assist  them  to  lead  a  respectful ,self-dependent lives.

I congratulate  Dr  Satendra  for  his  involvement  in  this  noble  job through  the ' Infinite Ability ' organisation.  

Dr Neeraja N Kumar, Family physician & counsellor
Doing private practice in Banglore. She believes in the policy of 'Live and Let Live' and has great interest in Jaina Philosophy, literature and music. She thinks we all are disabled in one way or another till we tap the source of infinite ability within us.
 Service with compassion to the needy is her religion.