The Society for Disability and Rehabilitation Studies—SDRS (New Delhi) is organizing a 4- day National Symposium on “Designing Roads for Disabled Pedestrians in India” at Auditorium, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi  on 16th to 19th December 2011 (Friday to Monday).  The basic objective is to take stock of the progress made by India with regard to designing safe roads for disabled pedestrians, and thereby exploring avenues for providing them barrier- free environment. Apart from distribution of scholarship/ financial support to meritorious students/ scholars with disabilities, a thematic souvenir will also be released to mark the occasion.

The following themes/ sub - themes are identified for extensive discussion at this national  symposium: (i) Disability, Accessibility and Transportation, (ii) Highways/ State Ways Road Designing and Disabled Users/ Pedestrians, (iii) Disability, Road Safety and Designing Road Pavements, (iv) Strategies to Facilitate Transportation Facilities in Rural and Hilly Areas,   (v) Disabled Commuters/ Passengers and Specially Designed Road Buses, (vi) Vehicle-based Lifts for Disabled Commuters, (vii) Role of ICT in Sensitization about Road Safety Rules and Norms for Disabled Pedestrians, and (viii) Incorporation of Road Safety Rules and Norms in the curricula of Disability Studies and other Allied Academic Disciplines.  

The date of the Abstract of the paper (in 250 - 300 words) submission is 25th November 2011 and that of full paper submission is 30th November 2011 as attachment by email at:,