Infinite  Ability

Dr Satendra Singh, MD


The uneasy fumble, the continued struggle and the visible cripple

Became part of his life since inception

The orthopedic surgeon diagnosed PPRP 70%

The proud parents interrupted, it's motivation 100%

The weakened quadriceps were encircled by iron callipers

And two crutches were provided as limp stabilizers

Hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, surgical therapy

Everything was tried without reluctance

No defiance, this was sheer persistence

The tortoise began his education amongst hares

The damaged motor neurons were equally compensated with able mentors

Partial cerebral hypertrophy stabilized the atrophied limb

And the affective domain overpowered the psychomotor defect

Stairs were his biggest fear

They still are

But he achieved his biggest dreams climbing those

Slowly, steadily, at times painfully

He timely realized that the goals needed his ability not disability


He may not be a Guyton, Roosevelt or Siebert

He doesn't have to be

To understand that

Life is exhilarating not debilitating

The cerebrum still declares it as post polio residual disability

No, no…says his content left atrium it's infinite ability


  Dr Satendra Singh



Med Humanities Poetry published online February 16, 2011 in

J Med Ethics; Medical Humanities 2011;-:1. doi:10.1136/jmh.2010.006841

Correspondence to Dr Satendra Singh, Assistant Professor of Physiology, Medical Humanities Group, Medical Education Unit, University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi 110095, India;

Competing interests None declared.

Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; not externally peer reviewed.


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