Life is a canvas and disAbility her brush 

You don’t need hands to showcase your creativity but indomitable spirit. Ms Sarita Dwivedi, at the age of 4, was playing on the terrace of her house when an 11,000-volt power line fell on her. She was rushed to hospital where three of her limbs were amputated to save her life. Not deterred by this tragic accident she started using her left foot and mouth to let her creativity flow in paintings. It’s no wonders her name in Sanskrit means ‘flowing’.  

Her steely resolve to overcome physical challenges and to carve a special niche in painting has earned her National Balshree award(2005), National award for the empowermwnt of PwD (2008, best creative girl child), Godfrey Philips national bravery award(2010), and Silver award from Ministry of Culture Egypt in 2007. 


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