Every year on April 17, World Hemophilia Day is celebrated around the world in order to increase awareness of hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. 

 World Hemophilia Day was started in 1989 and the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) chose April 17 in honor of WFH founder Frank Schnabel, who was born on that day. 

On April 17, help us spread the message to “Close the Gap” of care around the world. Together, we can work towards a day when treatment will be available for all globally. 

 Join the international bleeding disorders community on April 17 to mark World Hemophilia Day. 

Read the ‘Young voices on hemophilia in India’, the leadership manual by Hemophilia Federation of India. It’s written and developed by Premroop Alva, Somshekar, Dharmendra Rao Jadav, Dhawal Bhanushali, Siddhartha Ojha.

Are you a person with hemophilia (PwH)?

Share your success story with us.

Write to us at: infiniteability@hotmail.com

Bouncing Back - Vaibhav Nehra 

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